Wine is a passion; the simple grape, combined with yeast, a bit of time, the skill of the grower and the alchemy of the winemaker becomes a drink to compare with no other. Change the grape variety, add some time, mature in wooden barrels, change the yeast or merely add some patience and suddenly each bottle has a different story. The Wine Guy on Skye has travelled to over 42 countries and found that each region and each country had their own flavours and style. His passion for wine drove him to find wines to bring to the Misty Isle to allow others to enjoy the wines he found.

Delivering quality wine to the Waternish Area and beyond.

Waternish is a beautiful peninsular, where you can enjoy sunsets and Northern Lights, crashing waves and tranquil beaches, but over 25 miles from your main wine shop! The Wine Guy on Skye removes the pressure of selecting and transporting wine to Waternish so that you can enjoy the serenity of the Misty Isle. Each unique wine is selected and selected to compliment the views across to Harris, be enjoyed on the sands of Coral Beach or while enjoying some of the best produce Skye has to offer.