Our commitment to drinking responsibly

Drinking is only fun when you don’t overdo it

Whether it is a glass of wine to relax in the evening, or a bottle of bubbly to share with friends, wine is a big part of our lives. However, we also know there is a serious side to alcohol and that drinking is only fun when you don’t overdo it.

Challenge 25

Wine Guy on Skye operates a ‘Challenge 25’ Policy in light with the Scottish Government guidance such that anyone buying wine from Wine Guy on Skye who appears to look under 25 years old will be asked to provide identification to confirm they are over 18 years old before the wine delivery is completed.  If individuals are under 18 years old, or are unable to confirm with the ‘Challenge 25’ Policy, the wine will not be delivered and there will be no refund.  The Buyer will have already confirmed that they were above the legal age to buy alcohol on the website.  Further details of the Challenge 25 Policy can be found at .

Units in alcohol: All you need to know

Units are something that are often mentioned when it comes to alcohol, but what do they actually mean? In basic terms, units are a good way of measuring how much you have had to drink, and do help when it comes to making sure you don’t overdo it.

The size and strength of your drink will determine the number of units it contains. Sadly, this means that there is no standard unit number attached to every glass of wine. Below is a rough guideline to help you.

White wine

Your average glass of white wine will generally be around 12% ABV
125ml – 1.5 units
175ml – 2.1 units
250ml – 3.0 units

Red wine

Your average glass of red wine will generally be around 14% ABV
125ml – 1.8 units
175ml – 2.4 units
250ml – 3.5 units

Don’t Drink and Drive

Scotland has a zero tolerance approach to drink driving; alcohol effects people in different ways.  One drink can put you over the limit and so you cannot safely drink any alcohol and then drive a vehicle.  For more information visit